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Portfolio elements to safeguard sensitive data are blurred.

Showcased expertise in data reporting, analysis, and visualization is clear.

Business Problem:

• Inflexibility due to having a myriad of different report sources

• Lack of uniformity

• Difficulty in introducing additional KPIs to the business

• Lack of visualizations with plenty of many columned-rows of data

• Limited pathways of distribution and iteration control


• Created a dashboard with a series of views to provide the user with an “analysis path” that permitted a top-down insights of KPIs

• Instituted data-bridges to generate relationships between disparate sources at differing granularities

• Developed an automated reporting process deployed within Power BI Services

• Introduced newly targeted KPIs to manage business

Revenue Growth/KPI Metrics Dashboard

Price Elasticity Dashboard

Business Problem:

• No context of how client pricing changes relate to competitor's pricing or promotions 

• Little to no insight to drivers of changes in purchase behavior of customers

• Client invested huge amounts of monies in POS data with no actualization of analytics use cases beyond high level sales metrics


• Created interactive dashboard with a series of views that reveal price elasticities of products across horizontal dimensions and vertical hierarchies

• Implemented What-If analysis allowing users to toggle between variable changes of pricing and promotion types to assess optimal pricing

• Provide detailed topography of pricing and promotional dynamics along with competitive interactions to evaluate performance

• Visualize product elasticity distributions in relation to overall market share


Trade Investment Management Dashboard

Business Problem:

• Inability to access trade spend and RIO across a multitude of dimensions

• No insights into spend efficacy by spend type and sub-type

• Business not having visibility into steps between Net Sales from Gross Sales


• Instituted "Gross to Net" walk in P&L style format

• Visually discern between best performing spend types

• Unlocked ability for business users to facilitate negotiations for better promotion rates with end-customers

• Provided context of actuals, previous year, budget, and forecast all in one-stop-shop

Executive Dashboard

Business Problem:

• Business would manually copy and paste data from financial, CRM, ERP management applications and systems into excel and power point files

• No automated data refreshes or data connections to reports

• Current "Dashboard" was arguably chaotic, lacking cohesion, and confusing


• Created automated refreshable dashboard connecting to Snowflake as a data source to pull in company data

• Navigable dashboard with different pages for departments as well as different views for different employee levels ranging from C-Suite to Managers utilizing RLS (row level security)

• Tidied and created intuitive reports housing all KPIs, trends, project initiatives, accomplishments, project management timeline, etc.  




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